it's been awhile.

haven't posted in a while and I've got a few cakes to show. the first is a princess cake covered in butter cream with a fondant shirt.

the next cake is andy's bed from toy story when buzz light year arrives. it's covered in buttercream. the head board and foot board were made from modelling chocolate. buzz and woody are just toys put on the cake. buzz's space ship was made from cake. 



so many cakes to post!

it's been a long time since I last posted! I have quiet a few cakes to share. The first cake is a Lightening McQueen cake again. This one was a bit bigger, and I was able to do the window's better than the first time.  Also I made a few cake pops to make a checkered flag from the scraps from carving LM.

The next cake was for my good friend who's dragon boat team (brainwaves) was having their year end party and she wanted to bring a cake to celebrate the year.

My second wedding cake was really fun to do since it wasn't your traditional wedding cake. the bf's best friend asked me to make her wedding cake and I hoped she would want a mario themed cake and she did! I added cotton candy clouds to the cake just before dinner but forgot to take a photo. I believe the photographer took some so I am hoping I can get a finished cake picture. the cotton candy seemed like such a great idea, until it deflated and liquefied. lesson learned!

the next cake was for the bf's boss for his wedding. his wife to be wanted to have three smaller cakes in glass stands (6" in diameter) with one just on a cake plate (9"). I loved the small cake idea and the glass standing until I had to put the buttercream covered cakes into the stand. I took out a lot of the icing trying to drop it in and had to fix a lot of it up, but it turned out really cute. I also made cake pop's as the table favours.

a friend of mine asked for a cake to celebrate both the birth of a baby boy and the birthday of the new mother. the booties are made from gum paste and turned out adorable. I like the simplicity of this cake.

dragon boat christnas! the coach of my good friend was going to a christmas party for a dragon boat team that he is on (quick silver) and asked if I could make a cake for their party just like the one from their end of year party. I changed how I made the boat and I was happier with the look of it. I added a santa hat to the dragon, wrote merry christmas on the other side and painted a poinsettia on the drum to make it more festive! I had some problems with the neck, the gum paste didn't harden quick enough. I should have made it earlier than I did to give it enough time to dry.

I made a cake for the bf's dad's birthday. it's taz from looney toons with a sombrero and a can of Budweiser beer, sitting in the sand on the beach, all things that his dad likes. the instructions on how to make taz were in spanish so it wasn't until i made the head that I realized that they used modeling chocolate and not modeling paste like I was using. he didn't turn out so well but his dad liked it anyways.

the last cake that I have to share is an easy bake oven cake! I was going to just do the easy bake oven (this years model without the light bulb!) but I decided it would be better to do it a little smaller and put it on a "table" covered in a princess crown covered table cloth. I was super happy with how the easy bake oven turned out, def one of my favourite cakes I've done do far.




a friend of mine wanted to surprise her bf with a cake for his 30th birthday. he's a big fan of soccer with Manchester United as his fave team. i tried a different method for doing the hexagons and making it look more like a real soccer ball, which worked out well.


who lives in a pineapple under the sea?...

a co-worker friend of the bfs needed a cake for her daughters 7th birthday and she wanted it spongebob themed. she didn't want a fondant covered cake. i think the star tip gave it a more realistic look than the fondant would have. spongebob was made from modeling paste with only the dots on the cheeks and strips on his socks painted on.

here is a close up of spongebob. i'm very happy with how he turned out!


hear ye, hear ye... medieval times themed cupcakes and castle!

friends of the b/f and mine are getting married next month and to celebrate we had a wedding shower for them. i of course got to make the cupcakes! they got engaged at medieval times in Florida so the theme of the shower was medieval times. the toppers were made from fondant with a little tylose power to give them a little more strength. the castle isn't actually cake, just a cake dummy covered in fondant. they (bride and groom) loved them.

i made the bride and groom to be their own much larger cupcakes that i put in cups to act like pedestals.


time flies!

long time since my last post so I have a couple cakes to show. the first cake was done for a friends mothers retirement/birthday. they wanted to have her relaxing in her hot tub now that she's retired.

A close up of the figure of her mom. check out the tiny adorable olive!

the next cake was for my good friends bridal shower. I was to do the wedding cake so I wanted to test out some idea's which is why it's a little fancy for a shower cake.

close up of the gum paste roses I made.

now for my first wedding cake! it turned out well and I didn't ruin my friends wedding! the flower pattern and colours are from their invitations. she was happy with the cake.

I made sheet cakes as well.

just for fun I decided to make a zombie head cake. I made him to resemble my bf. he's roughly 4"x4.5"x4" in size.

I didn't want to cut him for the bf to eat. it was sad.


what?! a post so soon! wow!

I did a cake for a co-worker friend of the bf's. She wanted a cake for her father who is a cable installer. He uses the box by Greenlee for his tools, and the tool on the top is one that he invented to help him reach cables that are out of reach. I cut the logo out by hand and not to toot my own horn, but I think I did a pretty good job! (the logo is only 5" across for reference of how tiny the letters were to cut out.)


glad I didn't make any promisses!

I have a few cakes to show since my last post since I've been lacking in posts. The first cake was for a old co-workers son's birthday. It was a space themed party.

The next cake was for a co-worker of the bf's. She's a big shoe fan, so I made her a shoe box with a gum paste shoe on the top. First time making a shoe and I think it turned out pretty good. She was excited that she got to keep the shoe.

Next was for a friend of the bf's. She wanted a cake for two people, one who was going on a cruise and one that liked sharks. If you look closely, you can see I put a pool and chairs on the ship.

My friend is getting married in August and we had her bachelorette party for her and I just had to make perverted cupcakes for the event! (click to see actual picture)

An old co-worker of mine asked me to donate a cake to his son's school for a fundraiser and I of course accepted. It was for a celebration cake that the winner (it was an auction) got to design for whatever event they needed it for. The winner needed the cake for her daughters first communion. She showed me a cake that she liked and I made some changes to make it special for her daughter. I was very excited to make the rosary. The winner wanted a very clean looking cake with only white decorations, which is why the flower on the cross of the rosary is white. I think a pink flower would have looked cute.

Last item to show is some cake pops I made for a co-worker friend of the bf's. His wife loved the valentines cake pops I had made and wanted some for their son's first communion. She wanted cross shaped cake pops, which seemed like an easy enough shape to make but it was much harder than expected. They turned out nice though.


lazy poster!

I've got a few cakes to post since I have been lazy and not posted in 2 months. 4 cakes, some valentines cupcakes, and my first attempted at cake pops to be exact. The first cake was made for a friend who was celebrating his 30th birthday. His girlfriend asked me to make it for him and surprise him with it at a party she was throwing him. One of his favourite bands is Chore, and he loves the light box they have on stage at shows. He loved the cake, as did the band whom he is friends with. First photo is of the cake, and the other is of the actual light box.


The next cake was for a co-worker of the bf's mom. His son was having his 8th birthday and they wanted to have a starwars themed cake. He likes lego starwars a lot so I made a Luke Skywalker cake for him. The mother sent me a thank you card and she quoted one of the boys at the party who said "That is the most awesome thing I've ever seen!".

I made valentines day cupcake's for the bf's work, as well as some cake pop's cause I was dying to try them out. People went crazy for the cake pop's and took more than one each because they wanted to take them home for their kids, so there wasn't enough for everyone.

This cake was made for a co-worker of the bf's. 786 is some sort of religious number. It's covered in buttercream.

This last cake was made for an old co-worker of mine for her son's second birthday. It's lightning Mcqueen! I wasn't able to get all the details in, I simplified it because of time, but I am certain the 2yr old will know who it is with out all the decals. I saw a lightning mcqueen cake online that is amazing, and they used edible paper that you can use edible inks and print on for their decals. That is going on my wish list!

I'm going to try to be less lazy and not wait 2 months to post some stuff! No promises!


beanz anyone?

my old boss asked me to make a cake for her son's birthday, and she wanted it to be a replica of his fave mighty beanz #33 scuba beanz. she sent me some photo's of it and i tried my best to put all the details on. due to time i wasn't able to get everything on there. i had problems with the "water" in the mask and the shading. i tried it out on a smaller scale and it looked right, but when it was done on the actual bean, it didn't look the same.
the bubbles and the octopus are my fave part of the cake.

she asked me weeks ago to make this cake for him, but didn't tell him. two days before his party, her son said "we should have asked kelly to make my birthday cake." she told him he needed to ask sooner than two days before his party to give me time to make it. he loved it. he and his friends checked out all the details before they would let her cut the cake. little kids are so cute sometimes!