chocolate covered strawberry cake

i made this cake for a co-workers b-day. it is a chocolate cake with a strawberry butter cream filling made with fresh strawberries. it's covered in strawberry butter cream topped with chocolate covered halved strawberries. it was a hit at work as one co-worker who never eats an entire piece of cake finished her slice.


blanket update.

I will not be done the blanket in time to give it to the bf for our anniversary. i am hoping to get it completed within the next couple of weeks before it gets any warmer so he can use it. I'm just about to start on the tetris blocks, I'm excited. I made a mistake at the beginning when I calculated wrong but had already ripped out over 5 hours of work, so I didn't want to again. the bf said he didn't care about the mistake, so I left it by decreasing evenly. now that I've completed so much it's noticeable. camera phone photo sorry. I'll use a real camera when it's done.

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stringwork cake.

I meant to take a photo of my dummy cake so far in cake class, but I took longer to finish class and was in a hurry to leave. I found a cake online that looks like the one we're doing in class.
we have only done the stringwork and are going to be working on the flowers next class. then week four, put it all together!

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tetris update, one block complete!

slowy working on the blanket. easily distracted. I've got a bunch of black rows to do before I start on more blocks. hopefully the black part will crochet up quickly.

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tiny item takes all day!

I freqent craftster and have never had the nerve to enter into any of their challenges. last months challenge was making something tiny. I decided to try out crocheting tiny amigurumi. I used a 1.0mm hook and 2 strands of embroidery floss. it took all day to finish. I lost his body for a while and spent about 15 mins searching for it with the boyfriends help. he found it for me!

here he is! <3

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there is an app for that!

trying out the app for the iPod/phone. works well.

so I am working on a tetris blanket for the boyfriend for our anniversary. he bought me these awesome pair of shoes.
excuse my veiny foot.

I'm going to post some work in progress shots of the blanket. I need to have it done for the 18th of this month! I don't know if I'll finish in time.

first wip shot!

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7 months later...

well i haven't gotten around to adding anything new to this blog. but hopefully i will find some time to add some stuff. most of the item's i'll be posting will be craft related. i also enjoy cake decorating and will post cakes after they are made. there needs to be a million more "me" hours in a day.