missed a couple

i forgot about these cakes. I found this on my phone. it was for a coworkers birthday. the boss put in the office calander that it was the day his youth dies, so I used that as my inspiration.

this next cake was for the bf. it's a katamari cake.(first time working with fondant and trying to "glue" items to the cake. learned a lot. most important thing I learned was how long decorating actually takes!)

this was my fave. part of the cake. one of the gummies legs were smushed looking so I used that to look like his legs were run over by the katamari ball.

this next cake was for a friends daughters first birthday. it was a chocolate cake, but I figured not everyone likes chocolate, so I made vanilla cupcakes too. butterflies are chocolate and the pooh faces are fondant.

close up of the bee, my fave. part.

lastly I made these cupcakes for the b/f's work for a coworkers baby shower. the pink is not true to colour. they looked a lot better in person. I made the chocolates on top too.

I've made a few other (cup)cakes, but I can't located the photos. :o(

- mousehill

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