nightmare before puppy

I made these cupcakes for my friend for her birthday that was a couple of weeks ago. even though there are only 6 cupcakes, I was up till 6 working on them the night before I got my puppy. bad idea as I've not gotten a lot of sleep since. they look pretty awesome for my first time hand painting. I'm not an artist at all so I am very happy with them.
Oogie boogie is my favorite cupcake.

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cakes of late nights.

here are few cakes I've done over the past month. they all resulted in late nights with work the next morning. :(

the first cake was for a coworker of the bf's. just a basic fondant cake with gum paste polka dots and lettering.

this next cake was also for a coworker of the bf's. it's a wonder woman cake.
this cake was for a coworker of mine. it's supposed to be a stack of poker chips. I have an idea to make this cake better if in the future I have to re-do it.
this last cake was for another coworker of the bf's. she wanted the same wonder woman cake I did before but with roses.
here is an up close picture of the roses.
I'm still tired from my late night thursday on this last cake.