cakes galore!

i've made four cakes and some cupcakes over the past 2 1/2 weeks. first one is a cheese cake I made for a coworker. the white chocolate tasted very good with the strawberries.
this next one was for bosses day. my former boss enjoys scuba diving so I made a scuba tank. she really liked it.
this next cake was for a good friend of the bf. it's a house in Greece. the writing is the Greek wording for happy birthday.
I was asked to make another soccer ball cake, this time for a coworker of the bf. this is a close up of the pattern since I've shown a picture of the soccer ball before. I used a stiffer cake and it held it's shape a lot better.
lastly these are cupcakes I made for the bf's mom for a baby shower at her work. they are similar to one's I've done before, but this time for a baby boy.

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