butter cream fun!

here are a couple cakes i have completed recently. the first was for a co-worker of the bf's. she was getting her braces off after 6 years of wearing them! she gave this cake to the dentist after he took them off. they were happy and said it was the first time they ever got something from a client before, glad my cake was the first.

the next cake was for the bf's birthday. his work secretly contacted me and asked me to make his cake for them. when they picked up the cake they took me in to his work to surprise him. he was surprised, even though i worked on the cake while he was home. i just told him i was making the cake for after dinner with his parents and that he couldn't see it till then. he loves sharks a lot so i of course had to make him one. he always says i should use buttercream more often so i used buttercream for his. he loved it!

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