Happy new years!

i've got a coupke cakes to post about. the first was my first three tier cake! it took me a lot longer to decorate than expected. the bf helped me out by doing the hand painting on the middle tier. he did a wonderful job. his first cake decorating ever! the person who ordered the cake wanted it to celebrate 4 people's birthdays. one is into batman, one is into nightmare before christmas, one is a bee keeper, and the last was into film but that wasn't incorporated into the cake. there was a plan to add it in but it didn't work out and i ran outta time. it came together nicely though.
the next cake was for a old co-worker. he's into home improvement stuff so i made him a tool box. i had some issues with the red fondant. it dried out quickly and was hard to work with. our place is too dry so we are trying to fix that with a humidifier. hopefully it will help for future cakes. i am most proud of the fastener on the front. the tools are made of chocolate so that they can be eaten. i need a better camera. the one i have doesn't capture the cakes as nicely as they are in person.

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