lazy poster!

I've got a few cakes to post since I have been lazy and not posted in 2 months. 4 cakes, some valentines cupcakes, and my first attempted at cake pops to be exact. The first cake was made for a friend who was celebrating his 30th birthday. His girlfriend asked me to make it for him and surprise him with it at a party she was throwing him. One of his favourite bands is Chore, and he loves the light box they have on stage at shows. He loved the cake, as did the band whom he is friends with. First photo is of the cake, and the other is of the actual light box.


The next cake was for a co-worker of the bf's mom. His son was having his 8th birthday and they wanted to have a starwars themed cake. He likes lego starwars a lot so I made a Luke Skywalker cake for him. The mother sent me a thank you card and she quoted one of the boys at the party who said "That is the most awesome thing I've ever seen!".

I made valentines day cupcake's for the bf's work, as well as some cake pop's cause I was dying to try them out. People went crazy for the cake pop's and took more than one each because they wanted to take them home for their kids, so there wasn't enough for everyone.

This cake was made for a co-worker of the bf's. 786 is some sort of religious number. It's covered in buttercream.

This last cake was made for an old co-worker of mine for her son's second birthday. It's lightning Mcqueen! I wasn't able to get all the details in, I simplified it because of time, but I am certain the 2yr old will know who it is with out all the decals. I saw a lightning mcqueen cake online that is amazing, and they used edible paper that you can use edible inks and print on for their decals. That is going on my wish list!

I'm going to try to be less lazy and not wait 2 months to post some stuff! No promises!