glad I didn't make any promisses!

I have a few cakes to show since my last post since I've been lacking in posts. The first cake was for a old co-workers son's birthday. It was a space themed party.

The next cake was for a co-worker of the bf's. She's a big shoe fan, so I made her a shoe box with a gum paste shoe on the top. First time making a shoe and I think it turned out pretty good. She was excited that she got to keep the shoe.

Next was for a friend of the bf's. She wanted a cake for two people, one who was going on a cruise and one that liked sharks. If you look closely, you can see I put a pool and chairs on the ship.

My friend is getting married in August and we had her bachelorette party for her and I just had to make perverted cupcakes for the event! (click to see actual picture)

An old co-worker of mine asked me to donate a cake to his son's school for a fundraiser and I of course accepted. It was for a celebration cake that the winner (it was an auction) got to design for whatever event they needed it for. The winner needed the cake for her daughters first communion. She showed me a cake that she liked and I made some changes to make it special for her daughter. I was very excited to make the rosary. The winner wanted a very clean looking cake with only white decorations, which is why the flower on the cross of the rosary is white. I think a pink flower would have looked cute.

Last item to show is some cake pops I made for a co-worker friend of the bf's. His wife loved the valentines cake pops I had made and wanted some for their son's first communion. She wanted cross shaped cake pops, which seemed like an easy enough shape to make but it was much harder than expected. They turned out nice though.


  1. Hi - What issues did you have making the cross shaped cake pops? I have a request for some next week for a 1st communion. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jan

  2. Did u use a cookie cutter to make those. And if so, what size. Looking to maybe make these for my grandson's baptism. They look awesome. Thanks.

  3. Hi I was just wondering what you used to make the cross shaped cake pops. Thanks!