who lives in a pineapple under the sea?...

a co-worker friend of the bfs needed a cake for her daughters 7th birthday and she wanted it spongebob themed. she didn't want a fondant covered cake. i think the star tip gave it a more realistic look than the fondant would have. spongebob was made from modeling paste with only the dots on the cheeks and strips on his socks painted on.

here is a close up of spongebob. i'm very happy with how he turned out!


hear ye, hear ye... medieval times themed cupcakes and castle!

friends of the b/f and mine are getting married next month and to celebrate we had a wedding shower for them. i of course got to make the cupcakes! they got engaged at medieval times in Florida so the theme of the shower was medieval times. the toppers were made from fondant with a little tylose power to give them a little more strength. the castle isn't actually cake, just a cake dummy covered in fondant. they (bride and groom) loved them.

i made the bride and groom to be their own much larger cupcakes that i put in cups to act like pedestals.


time flies!

long time since my last post so I have a couple cakes to show. the first cake was done for a friends mothers retirement/birthday. they wanted to have her relaxing in her hot tub now that she's retired.

A close up of the figure of her mom. check out the tiny adorable olive!

the next cake was for my good friends bridal shower. I was to do the wedding cake so I wanted to test out some idea's which is why it's a little fancy for a shower cake.

close up of the gum paste roses I made.

now for my first wedding cake! it turned out well and I didn't ruin my friends wedding! the flower pattern and colours are from their invitations. she was happy with the cake.

I made sheet cakes as well.

just for fun I decided to make a zombie head cake. I made him to resemble my bf. he's roughly 4"x4.5"x4" in size.

I didn't want to cut him for the bf to eat. it was sad.